Many people resolve to exercise more as a way to improve their health. If you are one of them:

  • did you get yourself checked out before you started?
  • did you have a plan or just go all out with new found enthusiasm? 
  • have you struggled to form new habits?

Before going on a long car journey, you would check your tyre pressure and oil, wouldn’t you? So how about treating your body in the same way? If you come and see us before you embark on a new exercise regime we can help you sort out any injuries which are “waiting to happen” before you start and advise you on the best kind of exercise for you and how to build up your fitness. We can also help you with strategies to help you form habits and stick to your new plan.

We like to get you better and keep you better. You might benefit from an MOT (maintenance osteopathic treatment) from time to time to prevent any muscle imbalances from building up. Patients report experiencing other benefits of MOT, such as:

  • improved posture
  • better sleep
  • greater flexibility

We can also advise you on appropriate exercises to prepare you for your chosen sport and keep you injury free.

If you do get injured, prompt treatment is quicker and cheaper and will get you back to your activities sooner. As a rule of thumb, if it hasn’t gone away on its own in a week, then it probably won’t!

Don’t just take our word for it, Jane from Wimborne says,

“I got significant pain relief and was back to normal in a few sessions.”

Book in for an MOT or sort out any existing injuries so you can enjoy improved health by calling Wimborne Osteopathic Clinic on 01202 888439 to make an appointment or book online.