Online Appointments

Our approach has always been to help you to understand why you have your symptoms
and help you to control and manage them so you can get back to the things you love as quickly as possible.

That’s still the same, but we have adapted to look after you online.

For small group (maximum 6) online Pilates classes, please select “Group Sessions”

We may be closed for face to face appointments, but we are still here for you.

The research shows that online appointments can be as effective as face to face, book an appointment and let us help you from the safety of your own home.

Although you may think of us as hands-on therapists, we do a lot more than that – often you don’t notice, because of lot of the “coaching” happens when we are examining and treating you.

Appointments can be booked online but if you are not sure whether an online appointment is suitable for you, please email us or leave a message with your phone number on 01202 888439 and we will call you to discuss.

Once you have booked an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to access a secure video room. Just click on the link at your appointment time and your osteopath will be waiting for you.

Most of the appointment will be very similar to a face to face appointment; we will listen to your story and ask you questions to help understand your presenting symptoms and establish your goals.

Rather than performing tests on you, we will guide you through a physical examination. Combined with our questioning, this will enable us determine the root cause of your symptoms and to check that there is nothing serious going on that requires other care.

We will then explain our thinking to you and discuss specific self care and exercises and plan out your treatment together.

We can deal with most things during an online appointment but please get in touch if you are unsure or, if you would prefer, we can offer a telephone consultation.

Can we help you? – there’s only one way to find out!

There are many things that we can help you with during an online appointment that you might not even think of asking us about, such as:

desk set up (at work or home)

stress management and breathing techniques

behaviour / lifestyle change to improve your health

pelvic floor health and continence issues

returning to, or increasing, exercise safely

running injuries (most are caused by training error and respond well to exercises)



As has always been the case, there is no charge for brief telephone calls or emails.

For patients we have seen before:

Sessions last 15 or 30 minutes, costing £15/£30 respectively.

For new patients:

Sessions last 45 minutes and cost £45.


Please email a copy of your NHS ID in advance and we will contact you to make an appointment.

Remote appointments are undertaken in accordance with Institute of Osteopathy guidelines.

Get back on track

4 steps to feeling better

1. Make an appointment

Book a consultation online – it takes less than 30 seconds – or call us on 01202 888439.

2. Tell us your story

At your first appointment we will help you understand what is causing your pain and get you started on the road to recovery with treatment and advice.

3. Follow the plan

Let us guide you through your personalised treatment plan.

4. Feel better

Take control of your health and get on with the things you love.


At Wimborne Osteopathic Clinic, we are always very happy to discuss your individual concerns and requirements. For our measures re Coronavirus, please click here.


What should you do next?


Click the button below to book a consultation as soon as possible or call us on 01202 888439 and we will be happy to advise you on your next steps.


Clinic hours

Monday1:30pm - 8:00pm
Tuesday9:30am - 3:00pm
Wednesday3:30pm - 8:00pm
Thursday8:30am - 3:00pm
Friday8:30am - 4:00pm


Appointments are available at other times by arrangement. Please contact us for further details.


Corona Virus Update

In response to the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic,  Wimborne Osteopathic Clinic has transitioned to offer online consultations and Pilates classes. This means you can still access our high-quality care using a computer, tablet or a mobile phone from the safety of your own home.

Click here to find out more and book an appointment.