How many times have you said, either to yourself or someone else, that the weather is about to change because you can feel it in your bones? This is the time of year when patients often tell us they feel more arthritic aches and pains due to the cold and damp weather and  this has been backed up by a study published in 2019 – “Cloudy with a Chance of Pain”.

People often assume that longer term pain due to an underlying condition, such as arthritis, is something they have to live with, but that just isn’t the case. With appropriate treatment you can continue with, or even return to, your usual activities and enjoy better health.

Whilst hands on treatment can help you with the symptoms of arthritis, movement and exercise are vitally important to managing arthritis. We can advise you on which exercises and activities will suit you and together we can work on a plan to keep you mobile.

We can also advise you on dietary changes to try and suggest supplements based on the latest research. Did you know that potatoes, aubergines and citrus fruits can make arthritic symptoms worse for some patients? There are many supplements that claim to help. With our years of experience and because we keep up to date with the latest research, we can suggest the right ones for you and even get them delivered to your door.

Don’t just take our word for it! Amanda from Downton, who has arthritis in her neck, says she received,

“Pain relief with an explanation of what the problem is, a variety of treatment and improved mobility leading to a better quality of life.”

Get relief from your aches and pains, as well as advice on how to prevent them returning, by calling Wimborne Osteopathic Clinic on 01202 888439 or book online.

Coronavirus Re-opening Update

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For those who do not wish to attend clinic, or for whom a face to face appointment is not appropriate, we are offering online appointments. This means you can still access our high-quality care using a computer, tablet or a mobile phone from the safety of your own home. Please select the remote location when booking.

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