Paula Edwards

Soft Tissue Therapist

“I love how every client is individual and I enjoy problem solving using anatomy and my understanding of how the body moves and heals itself – with a nudge from my therapies! I am never bored with work!”

Professional Profile

I graduated from the London School of Sports Massage in 1997 and I taught at the North London School of Sports Massage for 16 years. It was a great joy to see how the students developed over the years.

I use techniques derived from sports massage, Thai yoga massage and Barral Institute visceral and neuro-meningeal manipulation to ease the body into unwinding tensions stuck in the fascia connecting everything. I have a special interest in hypermobility, digestive dysfunctions and pelvic health (both men and women). I am especially interested in helping a person achieve good movement and performance of their body. As an avid Pilates follower, I encourage clients to keep the benefits of treatment by moving!

Why I chose sports massage and soft tissue therapies

I was lucky to follow my love of biology and anatomy after school and have never stopped studying to evolve to where I am today. The body can tell us how it works in various ways. The soft tissues are one of the ways it communicates, via fascia, ligaments and tendons and the neurological systems. I was hooked to learn more from the day my biology teacher had a practical on the heart!

Personal Profile

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, I wanted to travel and see more of the world. My skills meant I could work internationally and the wanderlust keeps me learning about all cultures and their massage systems. My husband, Mark, and I along with our 2 cats, Marley and Duffy, moved to Dorset in 2017 to spend more time doing photography walks.

Looking after ourselves can feel like a full-time job, but I relish in finding that middle ground between fun and work. My own hypermobility condition and a severe whiplash injury means I love my Pilates and walking and it gives me a clear understanding of why my clients find themselves in my room for treatment.

I am grateful for the everyday beauty and life in nature and I aim to bring my best to those I meet, supporting them with advice and treatment.

When I am not at work

I am keen on doing something creative in my new sewing room and to play with my fabric stash! I also love pottering in the garden and find it hard to pass a garden centre… I have started a few raised veg beds this year as a new project.

The Future

My Dorset clinics are growing thanks to gracious colleagues referring and word of mouth from clients. I am keen to support the local communities of Shaftesbury at Trinity Practice and here in Wimborne.

I am continuing my studies into gut health and visceral and neuro-meningeal manipulation to help those with complex histories!

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