Sarah Helaouet

Registered Osteopath

“What I enjoy the most about osteopathy is the wide range of conditions that we can help with, everyday is different from the one before, and it makes it so interesting. I love to be given the opportunity to play some part in people’s journey towards wellbeing and I find it very fulfilling to have a positive impact on someone’s health.”

Professional Profile

I graduated in France from the College of Osteopathy in Bordeaux (C.O.B) with honours in 2016.

After moving to the UK, I worked alongside the International Department of the European School of Osteopathy (E.S.O) in Maidstone, interpreting and examining foreign students.

I particularly enjoy treating dancers/aerialists and gymnasts and am a member of the Osteopathic Performing Arts Care Association. I also like treating people with visceral/ENT complaints.

My approach is gentle, meticulous and inclusive. I use a wide range of techniques and happily treat all shapes and ages.

Why I chose osteopathy

After injuring my spine as a teenager I had pain in my neck and shoulders for a long time, then I experienced osteopathy which continues to help me.

Since then I have been fascinated by anatomy and physiology. I now have a preference for neurology and can bore my friends for hours!

Personal Profile

As well as speaking French, I am learning British Sign Language as I would love to be able to use it at work, if needed.

I am quite active in general and spend a lot of my time practising aerial arts/dance. It has allowed me to learn a lot and experience how a good balance of all the body’s systems allows better use of strength and flexibility.

The rest of the time I am kept busy by my two dogs who are adorable, but extremely noisy.

When I am not at work

I spend a lot of time upside down on poles, hoops and other apparatus either in studios or outside when possible.

If you ever need a birthday card for someone just ask me, I am a scrap book and craft devotee and make more cards than I can use.

The rest of the time you will find me enjoying the outdoors with my partner and the doggies.

The Future

For the next few years, I would like to get more involved in sports clubs and study further on the subject.

I also plan to extend my knowledge on the maxillo-cervico-facial sphere alongside speech therapists in France.

What should you do next?


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